HAS TALKS#1: Eco-Anxiety

8 March 2021


In the face of environmental upheavals and the absolute urgency of interacting differently with living things, awareness has grown and many responses have emerged in the past decades – both on an individual and collective level in the form of ecological activism, eco-citizenship, eco-psychology, or eco-feminism. In recent years, in France, the media have been alerting us to a new phenomenon: eco-anxiety, defined as a feeling of distress, anxiety or even depression linked to the degradation of our environment.

This first edition of HAS Talks, organized in connection with the second issue of HAS Magazine 02: Between Anxiety and Hope, welcomes choreographer Anna Chirescu, neuroscientist Marc-Williams Debono, artist Elsa Guillaume, and psychotherapist Charline Schmerber.


Online, 9 February 2021, 18:00/6 PM, Central European Time.

This talk was held in French. You can activate the automatic subtitles by YouTube to watch in the language of your choice.


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